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HAPPY NEW YEAR. It’s true that some of us can still manage to stay awake until the midnight hour. But in doing so it kind of messes up the next few days. We both managed to make it through the event. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to as this next year progresses. First, I want to thank everybody for your commitment as a member of Kansas Good Sam. Without this our Chapters and State Good Sam would not enjoy this great group.

Can you believe it is almost time to start looking forward to spring camping season? Not sure that is a correct statement. As I write this it is 20 degrees outside and maybe warm up to the 30’s today. I also noticed that the weather in AZ had freeze warnings posted so maybe it is not so warm in the sunshine states.

Looking at the calendar we have some things coming up. One is the RV Show in Wichita Jan 24-27. We can always use help so if you are available let us know and we can get you in the door to help. Next we’ll be planning to attend the area Rally’s. Also, this spring the South Region Rally’s in Texas, Louisiana, & Arkansas. An audit committee will soon meet to go over the 2018 State Finances. As always, I am still looking for some staff to help with our Kansas Rally. Please give this consideration.

I have verbally secured the entertainment for the 2019 JUNGLE BASH State Rally. I feel you will all enjoy this year’s entertainment. I will give you the lineup at a later date.

The Kansas Good Sam News will be out later this month. Please read and check out all the Chapter’s news. It is refreshing to know of the many different things your chapters are engaged in.

We’re looking for a great year in 2019 and we hope you can join us in as many activities that you can.

Make Your Journey Count,

Dean & Karen Stewart


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