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INDEPENDENCE, that is what we cherish in the USA. Our fore fathers battled and died for this cause. Today we need to be reminded of those who still fight and die for this same independence that we have today.

Last month Karen & I were on the road some. First we attended the Nebraska Rally in Hastings and by my count we had at least 14-15 rigs attend from Kansas. It was great to see them and enjoyed the company. We left Nebraska and headed to St. Louis for a chapter outing. It was a good trip although somewhat hot. I have one ironic story. As we were getting ready to leave, the truck would not start. Well I put it in neutral and pushed it out in the drive and backed the motorhome up to it to hook-up. With that accomplished we were on our way home. When we arrived home, I unhooked the truck and decided to try to start it again and lo and behold it started as if nothing was wrong. The next day it was off to the dealership to check out the problem. Three days later no results and no issues found so off I go. A few days later it happened again and this time it was discovered some antitheft device was acting up again. This would be the third time for this to be replaced and hopefully the last. Third time is the charm?

As I write this the Kansas Good Sam News is at the printer. Hopefully printed this week for delivery very soon. Please, if you do not receive yours before the end of the month let us know so we can check on why.

So far, this summer has been somewhat hot so hopefully everyone is finding some good old shade trees or a cool spot for your campouts.

Most of the plans for the Fall Rally are complete at this time, but there always seems to be a few last minute things to do. I am calling for great fall weather and for all a great time. We have six chapters who will be receiving longevity awards this fall.

Fort Larned Sams – 20 years

Smoky Valley Sams – 20 years

Pony Express – 25 years

Mid-Kansas Sams – 35 years

Ark Valley Sams – 40 years

Neosho Valley Sams – 40 years

It is a great to know that so many chapters in our state continue although we know there are many Good Sam Members that do not belong to a chapter or the state. Hopefully we can pick up the pace and encourage more to join.

Next month I will talk about the events, seminars, and other activities that will be included in the Fall Rally. I am looking for some extra help in some areas. If you would like to help with the Rally let me know as we can always use an extra hand.

I do appreciate those of you who send me your chapter meeting minutes. It is good to know what you are doing and where you go. Thank You.

Be sure and read the Kansas Good Sam News, soon to hit your mail box. This issue has a lot of information within. Also check out the advertisers and when you see them thank them and support them. David works very hard to put together this publication. Thank you, David.

Make Your Journey Count

Dean & Karen Stewart



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