Officers and Staff

Office workerAssistant state directors (ASDs)  and staff are appointed positions. The staff makes recommendations and the state director presents them to the State Committee. The treasurer is elected by the State Committee.
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Dean & Karen Stewart
McPherson, KS

Assistant State Director District I
Assistant State Director District II
Ann & Richard Tennant
Claflin, KS

Assistant State Director District III
Darrell & Audrey Genereux
Salina, KS

Assistant State Director District IV
Larry Cody
Augusta, KS

Assistant State Director District V
Katheryn & Glen Fox
Frankfort, KS

Assistant State Director District VI

 Assistant State Director District VII
Al & Kathy Gyles
Eudora, KS

  Assistant State Director District VIII
Horace Fincher
Arma, KS

Assistant State Director District IX
Dave & Carmie Berndt
Minneapolis, KS

Larry & Ruth Bond
3304 E Mt Vernon St
Wichita, KS 67218-3956

Lana & Clyde Jones
Wichita, KS

William (Bill) & Beverly Salmon
Salina, KS

Commercials/Vendor Coordinator
Al & Kathy Gyles
Eudora, KS


Ward Nippert

Equipment Manager
Daisy Potter
Wichita, KS

Loretta Marlowe
Linwood, KS

Ron & Bernie Wagner
Great Bend, KS

Horace Fincher
Arma, KS

Jackie Ward
Chanute, KS

Audrey Genereux
Salina, KS

Carolyn & Raymond Magee
Baxter Springs, KS

News Editor
Marilyn Allen
Wichita, KS

Dean & Judy Andreason
Arkansas City, KS

Larry Cody
Augusta, KS

Marty & LeRoy Ward
Wichita, KS

Door Prizes & Books
Daisy Potter
Wichita, KS

Executive Board
 Past State Director (2012-2015) (4 years)
Kay & Gail Hulse Great Bend, KS
Past State Director (2008-2011) (4 years)
Nancy & Sonny Crook Hutchinson, KS
 Past State Director (2006-2007) (2 years)
Phyllis & Paul VanOverschelde Abilene, KS
Past State Director (2002-2005) (4 years)
Joe & Dianne Porter
Victoria, KS
 Past State Director (1998-2001) (4 years)
Duane & Betty Wyant Wichita, KS
Past State Director
Glen & Jean Beatty Merriam, KS
 Past State Director (1992-1995) (4 years)
Clinton Earl  & Carol Champion
Earl dod 5-9-2016 Pittsburg, KS
Past State Director
Joe & Nancy Wright Onalaska, TX
Past State Director
Vern & Stella Holt Vern dod 2-10-2004 Stella dod 4-30-2015
Past State Director
Deane & Louise Shepard both deceased
Past State Director – First State Directors
Perry “Steamboat” & Hazel VanOsdol  both deceased
Honorary Members
Maxine Linn (Smokey)                               Wichita, KS               316.522.3515
Email Addresses
Any Good Sam member wishing to add your E-Mail address to the following list, you can do so by sending it to e-mail and expressing your desire in having it listed.

 Jerry & Virginia Adams

Harold & Joan Boggs

Jerry & Joann Desmarteau

Gary & Sharon Johnson

Cathy McClain

Leon & Eleanor Sanders

Ward & Pat Nippert

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